The World’s Shortest Flight: A 47-Second Adventure

Would you board this flight The world's shortest commercial route
The shortest commercial flight in the world is between the two Orkney Islands of Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland. The flight duration is just 1.7 miles and can take as little as 47 seconds, depending on wind conditions.


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For those in a hurry

  • The world’s shortest flight is between Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland.
  • It covers 1.7 miles and takes less than a minute.
  • It is operated by Loganair, a regional airline.
  • It is used by locals, tourists, and archaeologists.
  • It is cheaper than a bus ticket.

Why fly when you can walk?

You might think that flying is a waste of time and money for such a short distance. Why not just take a boat, a bike, or even walk? Well, there are some good reasons to hop on board the tiny plane that connects the two Orkney islands.

First of all, flying is faster and more convenient than any other mode of transport. The flight takes only 47 seconds on a good day, while the ferry takes 25 minutes and runs only twice a day. The bike ride would take over an hour, and walking would take even longer. Plus, you would have to deal with the unpredictable weather and terrain of the islands.

Secondly, flying is cheaper than you might think. A one-way ticket costs only £17, which is less than a bus ticket from London to Oxford. And if you book a return flight, you get a discount of £2.50. That’s a bargain for such a unique experience.

Thirdly, flying is fun and exciting. You get to see the stunning views of the islands and the sea from above, and you get to sit next to the pilot and watch him work his magic. You also get to feel the thrill of taking off and landing on a gravel runway in a small aircraft that can fit only eight passengers. And you get to brag about being on the world’s shortest flight.

What can you do on the islands?

Westray and Papa Westray are not just destinations for flight enthusiasts. They are also rich in history, culture, and nature. Here are some of the things you can do on the islands:

  • Visit the Knap of Howar, the oldest stone house in northern Europe, dating back to 3700 BC.
  • Explore the Noltland Castle, a 16th-century fortress with over 70 gunloops.
  • See the Westray Wife, a 4-inch carved stone figurine that is one of the earliest representations of a human face in Scotland.
  • Watch the rare birds and seals that inhabit the islands, such as puffins, razorbills, and grey seals.
  • Enjoy the local food and drink, such as cheese, lobster, and whisky.

How can you book your shortest flight?

If you are interested in taking the world’s shortest flight, you can book your ticket online through Loganair’s website or by phone. You can also buy your ticket at Kirkwall Airport or Westray Airport. But hurry up, because seats are limited and demand is high.