The Biggest Stink from the Fruit Kingdom: The Intriguing Tale of Durian

How to eat the biggest stink from the fruit kingdom without gagging
The biggest stink from the fruit kingdom belongs to the durian fruit, which is so smelly that some hotels and public transport ban it. Some people love its taste, though, and call it the “king of fruits”.


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Durian is unlike any other fruit. The Biggest Stink from the Fruit Kingdom – it has a strong odor. Many find it repulsive. Some places even ban it. Yet, others call it the “king of fruits.”

For those in a hurry:

  • The durian fruit is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia.
  • It has a strong and unpleasant odor that can be detected from far away.
  • Some people find the smell repulsive and avoid the fruit at all costs.
  • Others enjoy the creamy and sweet flesh of the fruit and consider it a delicacy.
  • The smell is caused by various sulfur compounds that are produced by the fruit as it ripens.
  • The taste is influenced by the smell, but also by the genetic preferences of the eater.
  • The durian fruit has many health benefits, such as high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

The Durian: The Biggest Stink from the Fruit Kingdom

Durians grow in several Southeast Asian countries. Its size can be as big as a football. The odor has been compared to rotten eggs or old gym socks. Some hotels and public transport systems ban this fruit. Despite this, many love the durian’s unique taste.

Why Is It Called the Biggest Stink from the Fruit Kingdom?

The smell of durian is its defining characteristic. The aroma can permeate entire rooms. It lingers for hours. Some people find it repulsive. Others think it’s a delightful fragrance.

Culinary Delight and Social Taboos

Durians are used in various dishes. They’re found in sweets and savory recipes. The flavor is rich and custard-like. The “king of fruits” is celebrated in its native lands. Abroad, the smell often leads to bans in public places.


The durian is a complex fruit. It evokes strong reactions. You may love it or hate it. Its reputation as the biggest stink from the fruit kingdom is well earned. Yet, its flavor makes it a prized delicacy for many.