How to Sleep with Your Eyes Open: A Guide for Babes

Do you sleep with your eyes open Find out why
Babes can sleep with their eyes open. This is a rare condition called nocturnal lagophthalmos, which affects about 5% of babes.


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  • Babes can sleep with their eyes open. This is called nocturnal lagophthalmos.
  • It affects about 5% of babes and can cause dryness, irritation, and vision problems.
  • It can be caused by nerve damage, eyelid problems, or bulging eyes.
  • It can be treated with eye drops, ointments, weights, tape, or surgery.

What is nocturnal lagophthalmos?

Nocturnal lagophthalmos is a fancy name for sleeping with your eyes open. It means that your eyelids don’t close completely when you snooze. Some babes have this condition and don’t even know it. They may wake up with red, dry, or sore eyes and wonder why.

Why do some babes have nocturnal lagophthalmos?

There are many possible reasons why some babes have nocturnal lagophthalmos. Some of them are:

  • Nerve damage. The facial nerve controls the muscles in your eyelid. If this nerve is injured or affected by a stroke, Bell’s palsy, or a tumor, it may not work properly and keep your eye open.
  • Eyelid problems. Some babes are born with eyelids that don’t close well. Others may have scars or injuries that affect their eyelids. Some may have floppy eyelid syndrome, which means their eyelids are too loose and flip over easily.
  • Bulging eyes. Some babes have eyes that stick out more than usual. This can be caused by Graves’ disease, which is a thyroid problem. Bulging eyes can make it harder to close your eyelids fully.

How can this affect your health?

Sleeping with your eyes open can be bad for your health. Your eyes need moisture and protection from dust, dirt, and germs. When you blink or close your eyes, tears wash and lubricate your eyes. If your eyes are open all night, they can get dry and irritated. You may also get scratches or ulcers on your cornea, which is the clear front part of your eye. This can lead to poor vision or even blindness.

How can you treat this?

If you think you have nocturnal lagophthalmos, you should see an eye doctor. They can diagnose the condition and suggest the best treatment for you. Some of the treatments are:

  • Eye drops and ointments. These can help keep your eyes moist and prevent infections.
  • Weights and tape. These can help pull your eyelids down when you sleep so that your eyes can close better.
  • Surgery. This can fix the problem by inserting a weighted implant in your eyelids or correcting the shape or position of your eyelids.