Why Bacteria Can Make You Cry: The Science Behind Onions

The Surprising Reason Why Bacteria Can Make You Cry
Bacteria can also make you cry, but not because they are bad. Some bacteria help onions produce a chemical that irritates the eyes when you cut them.


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You might think bacteria cause diseases. Some do, but not all. Others have surprising roles. Bacteria can make you cry while cutting onions. How? Let’s explore this curious phenomenon.

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  • Onions make you cry because they release a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide when you cut them.
  • This chemical irritates the eyes and triggers the tear glands to wash it away.
  • Syn-propanethial-S-oxide is produced by a reaction between amino acid sulfoxides and an enzyme called alliinase in the onion cells.
  • Bacteria help onions produce more amino acid sulfoxides as a defense mechanism against pests and diseases.
  • To avoid crying, you can chill the onions before cutting, use a sharp knife, or wear goggles.

Bacteria Can Make You Cry: The Onion Connection

Bacteria in soil interact with onions. They help onions produce a specific chemical. When you cut the onion, this chemical is released. It irritates your eyes, making you cry.

Bacteria Can Make You Cry: The Chemical Reaction

Inside the onion, there’s an enzyme called alliinase. Cutting the onion breaks cell walls. Alliinase reacts with other compounds. This produces a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. It’s the tear-maker.

The Role of Bacteria in Onion Growth

Onions absorb sulfur from the soil. Soil bacteria assist in this process. The sulfur helps form the compounds in onions. These lead to the creation of the tear-inducing chemical.

How to Cut Onions Without Tears

Want to avoid tears while cutting onions? There are ways. Chilling the onion helps. Cutting under running water is another method. These tactics reduce the release of the tear-causing compound.

Conclusion: Understanding the Helpful Side of Bacteria

Bacteria have a bad reputation. Yet, they’re not always harmful. Some help plants grow. They even play a part in our daily lives. Bacteria can make you cry, but in the case of onions, it’s just a part of nature’s marvel.

Understanding the science behind simple things like cutting an onion reveals the complexity of nature. The interplay between bacteria, plants, and even our tears shows how interconnected everything truly is. So next time you find yourself shedding tears while chopping onions, remember the fascinating biology behind it.