Octopuses as escape artists: How they do it and why

You won't believe how octopuses can squeeze through tiny holes
Octopuses are amazing escape artists! They can fit through tiny spaces, just like they have a magical “squish me” button. Houdini would be jealous!


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  • Octopuses are amazing escape artists. They can fit through tiny spaces, just like they have a magical “squish me” button.
  • They do this by squeezing their soft bodies and changing their shape. They have no bones, only a beak and a brain.
  • They escape to avoid predators, find food, explore new places, or just have fun. They are very intelligent and curious animals.
  • Some of the most famous octopus escapes include Inky, who slipped out of his tank and into the ocean, and Otto, who caused a power outage by playing with a lamp.

The Marvel of Octopuses as Escape Artists

When it comes to evading capture, octopuses are the champions. Remarkably, they can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps. Their soft, boneless bodies allow this. No need for them to push any magical button. Their natural design does the trick. And the best part? They use it to their advantage regularly.

Why Can Octopuses Fit Through Tight Spaces?

The secret behind the octopus’s escape skill is its anatomy. Unlike us, octopuses lack a rigid skeleton. Thus, the only solid part of their body is the beak. Consequently, if the beak fits through a gap, the rest of the octopus can follow. It’s as if nature equipped them with their own “squish me” mechanism.

Octopuses as Escape Artists: A Survival Tactic

Why do octopuses need to be such skilled escapists? In the wild, threats are everywhere. Predators lurk, waiting for a chance to snatch a meal. For octopuses, slipping into narrow crevices means safety. Furthermore, they can camouflage, blending into their surroundings. Combine these abilities, and you get a nearly invincible creature.

Aquarium Escapades: Octopuses on the Loose!

Many aquarium workers can attest to the sneaky nature of these creatures. Some octopuses have been known to escape their tanks. They navigate complex environments with ease. Others have outsmarted puzzles and mazes designed by researchers. It’s clear: their intelligence complements their physical agility.

Houdini of the Ocean: An Apt Comparison

Comparing octopuses to Houdini isn’t an exaggeration. Both are synonymous with breathtaking escapes. However, while Houdini used locks and chains, octopuses use their bodies. Their repertoire includes squeezing, camouflaging, and problem-solving. Without a doubt, they’re the underwater equivalents of the legendary escape artist.