Ostriches: The World’s Largest and Fastest Birds

How to ride an ostrich (and why you shouldn't)
Ostriches are so big that they can carry humans on their backs, but they are not very good at steering.


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride an ostrich? Well, you might be surprised to learn that some people actually do! Ostriches are so big that they can carry humans on their backs, but they are not very good at steering. Here are some more amazing facts about these incredible birds.

How big are ostriches?

Ostriches are the world’s largest birds. They can grow up to 2.7 meters tall and weigh more than 150 kilograms. That’s about the height of a basketball hoop and the weight of two adult men! Ostriches have long necks, strong legs, and big feet with two toes each. Their feathers are black, white, or brown, depending on their sex.

How fast are they?

Ostriches are also the world’s fastest birds. They can run up to 70 kilometers per hour, which is faster than a car on a city street. They use their wings to balance and change direction when they run. They can also cover up to 16 feet in a single stride. That’s like jumping over four bicycles!

What do they eat?

Ostriches are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. They mostly eat roots, leaves, flowers, and seeds, but they also snack on insects, lizards, and other small creatures. They can go for days without drinking water, because they get most of their moisture from their food.

How do ostriches defend themselves?

They have powerful legs that can kick hard enough to kill a lion. They also have sharp claws on their feet that can cause serious damage. Ostriches usually run away from danger, but if they have to fight, they will use their legs as weapons. They also have excellent eyesight and can spot predators from far away.

Do ostriches bury their heads in the sand?

No, they don’t. This is a common myth that is not true. Ostriches sometimes lie down on the ground and stretch their necks along the soil. This helps them hide from enemies and stay cool in the hot sun. Their feathers blend in with the sand, so they look like a mound of dirt. But they never put their heads under the sand, because they need to breathe!

Ostriches are amazing animals that have many unique features and abilities. They are not only big and fast, but also smart and adaptable. They can live in different habitats and survive harsh conditions. They are also very social and live in groups called herds. Ostriches are truly fascinating creatures that deserve our respect and admiration.