How to Run a Marathon on a Treadmill: A World Record Story

The ultimate treadmill challenge can you beat this world record
The longest marathon run on a treadmill is 81 hours and 5 minutes. It was completed by Lee Chamberlain from the UK in 2009. He ran a total of 658.5 km (409 miles).


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  • Lee Chamberlain is a British runner who holds the world record for the longest marathon run on a treadmill.
  • He ran for 81 hours and 5 minutes in 2009, covering 658.5 km (409 miles).
  • He did it to raise money for charity and to challenge himself.
  • He followed a strict schedule of running, eating, drinking, and resting.
  • He faced many difficulties, such as blisters, fatigue, boredom, and pain.
  • He overcame them with mental strength, support from his family and friends, and music.
  • He advises anyone who wants to try this challenge to train well, have a clear goal, and enjoy the process.

Who is Lee Chamberlain?

Lee Chamberlain is a 40-year-old runner from Surrey, England. He has been running since he was 16 and has completed many marathons and ultra-marathons. He works as a personal trainer and a running coach. He loves running because it makes him happy and healthy.

Why did he run on a treadmill for 81 hours?

Lee Chamberlain decided to run on a treadmill for 81 hours for two reasons. First, he wanted to raise money for two charities: The Children’s Trust and Phab Kids. The Children’s Trust helps children with brain injuries and Phab Kids supports disabled and non-disabled children. Lee has a son who has cerebral palsy and he wanted to help other children like him. Second, he wanted to challenge himself and see how far he could push his limits. He said: “I like to do things that are different and test myself.”

How did he prepare for the challenge on the treadmill?

Lee Chamberlain trained for six months before the challenge. He ran about 160 km (100 miles) per week, mostly on a treadmill. He also did strength training, yoga, and meditation. He ate a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins. He drank plenty of water and electrolytes. He also practiced running at different times of the day and night, to get used to the changing conditions.

What was his schedule during the challenge?

Lee Chamberlain followed a strict schedule during the challenge. He ran for 50 minutes every hour, then took a 10-minute break. During the break, he ate, drank, went to the toilet, changed his clothes, or rested. He ate about 500 calories per hour, mostly from energy bars, gels, fruits, nuts, and chocolate. He drank about one liter of water or sports drink per hour. He also took some supplements, such as caffeine pills, painkillers, and anti-inflammatories. He slept for about two hours per day, in short naps of 15 to 20 minutes.

What were the difficulties he faced?

Lee Chamberlain faced many difficulties during the challenge. He suffered from blisters on his feet, chafing on his thighs, soreness in his muscles and joints, and stiffness in his neck and back. He also felt tired, sleepy, bored, and lonely at times. He said: “The hardest part was the mental aspect. You have to keep going even when you don’t want to.”

How did he overcome them?

Lee Chamberlain overcame the difficulties with his mental strength, support from his family and friends, and music. He said: “I had a positive attitude and focused on the present moment. I didn’t think about how long I had left or how far I had gone. I just thought about the next step.” He also had his wife, son, parents, siblings, and friends cheering him on. They brought him food, drinks, gifts, cards, and messages of encouragement. They also ran with him on another treadmill or outside the window. He said: “They were amazing. They kept me motivated and entertained.” He also listened to music on his iPod or watched TV on the screen. He said: “Music helped me relax and distract me from the pain. I listened to all kinds of music: rock, pop, dance, classical.”

What did he achieve on a treadmill?

Lee Chamberlain achieved his goal of running on a treadmill for 81 hours and 5 minutes. He broke the previous world record of 80 hours and 23 minutes set by Rickey Gates from the USA in 2008. He also raised more than £18,000 for charity. He said: “I’m very proud of what I did. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.”

What are his tips for anyone who wants to try this challenge?

Lee Chamberlain has some tips for anyone who wants to try this challenge. He said: “You have to train well, both physically and mentally. You have to have a clear goal and a plan. You have to be prepared for anything that can happen. You have to have a good support team. And you have to enjoy the process. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. And it’s worth it.”