How Fast Can a Shuttlecock Go? The Fastest Shuttlecock Smash in Badminton History

Badminton or F1 Which one has the faster speed
The fastest shuttlecock smash in badminton was 253mp/h (407.16 km/h), faster than the fastest F1 car.


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  • The fastest shuttlecock smash in badminton was recorded at 253 mph (407.16 km/h) by Tan Boon Heong in 2013.
  • That’s faster than the fastest F1 car, which can reach speeds of 230 mph (370 km/h).
  • A shuttlecock is a lightweight object with feathers or plastic that is hit by a racket in badminton.
  • A smash is a powerful downward stroke that aims to end the rally quickly.
  • The speed of a smash depends on many factors, such as the angle, the force, the technique, and the aerodynamics of the shuttlecock.

What is a shuttlecock and why is it so fast?

A shuttlecock, also known as a birdie, is the projectile used in badminton. It has a conical shape with a cork or rubber base and 16 feathers or plastic vanes attached to it. The feathers or plastic create drag, which slows down the shuttlecock as it flies through the air. However, this also makes the shuttlecock more stable and less affected by wind.

The speed of a shuttlecock depends on how hard and at what angle it is hit by the racket. A smash is the fastest and most aggressive shot in badminton, where the player hits the shuttlecock downward with great force. The angle of the smash determines how steeply the shuttlecock will fall and how much time the opponent will have to react. The force of the smash determines how fast the shuttlecock will travel and how much energy it will lose due to drag.

The Fastest Shuttlecock Smash Ever Recorded

The fastest shuttlecock smash ever recorded was achieved by Tan Boon Heong, a Malaysian doubles player, in 2013. He smashed the shuttlecock at an incredible speed of 253 mph (407.16 km/h) during a test event in Japan. That’s faster than the fastest F1 car, which can reach speeds of 230 mph (370 km/h) on a straight track.

Tan Boon Heong is known for his powerful smashes and his partnership with Koo Kien Keat. They won the gold medal at the 2006 Asian Games and the 2007 World Championships. They also reached the final of the 2012 London Olympics, where they lost to China.

Tan Boon Heong’s record-breaking smash was not achieved during an official match, but during a special event organized by Yonex, a leading badminton equipment manufacturer. Yonex used a high-speed camera and a radar gun to measure the speed of the shuttlecock. The event was part of Yonex’s campaign to promote its new racket, the Arcsaber Z-Slash, which claims to have a thinner and stiffer frame that can generate more power.

How to Smash Like Tan Boon Heong

If you want to smash like Tan Boon Heong, you need to have good technique, strength, and timing. Here are some tips to improve your smash:

  • Use a racket that suits your style and preference. A heavier racket can generate more power, but also requires more strength and control. A lighter racket can be faster and easier to maneuver, but also less stable and accurate.
  • Grip your racket firmly but not too tightly. A loose grip can cause your racket to twist or slip during the swing. A tight grip can reduce your wrist flexibility and speed.
  • Position yourself well behind the shuttlecock and prepare your racket early. This will give you more time and space to swing your racket and generate power.
  • Swing your racket from high to low with a smooth and fast motion. Use your whole body, not just your arm, to transfer your weight and momentum to the shuttlecock. Snap your wrist at the last moment to add extra speed and direction.
  • Aim for the weakest spot of your opponent’s court, usually near the sidelines or the back corners. Avoid hitting the shuttlecock too flat or too high, as this will give your opponent more time to defend or counterattack.