How Big is the Sun Compared to Earth?

This fact about the Sun will blow your mind!
The Sun is so big that it could fit 1.3 million Earths inside it.


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You probably know that the Sun is much bigger than the Earth. But do you know how much bigger? The answer might surprise you. In this blog post, we will explore the size of the Sun and how it compares to our planet. We will also learn some fun facts about the Sun and why it is so important for life on Earth.

The Size of the Sun

The Sun is the largest object in our solar system. It has a diameter of about 1.4 million kilometers (864,000 miles). That means it is about 109 times wider than the Earth. If you could lay the Earth flat on the surface of the Sun, you would need more than 10,000 Earths to cover it.

But what if you could fit the Earth inside the Sun? How many Earths would it take to fill up the Sun’s volume? The answer is a staggering 1.3 million. That’s right, you could fit 1.3 million Earths inside the Sun. That’s how big the Sun is.

The Mass of the Sun

The Sun is not only big in size, but also in mass. Mass is the amount of matter that something contains. The more mass something has, the more gravity it has. Gravity is the force that attracts objects to each other.

The Sun has a mass of about 2 x 10^30 kilograms (4.4 x 10^30 pounds). That’s about 333,000 times more than the mass of the Earth. That means the Sun has a lot of gravity. In fact, the Sun’s gravity is so strong that it holds all the planets, asteroids, comets and other objects in our solar system in orbit around it.

The Importance of the Sun

The Sun is not only big and massive, but also very important for life on Earth. The Sun is our main source of energy and heat. It provides us with light and warmth during the day. It also drives the weather and climate on our planet.

Without the Sun, life on Earth would not exist. The Earth would be a frozen and dark place. Plants would not be able to make food through photosynthesis. Animals would not be able to eat plants or other animals. Humans would not be able to survive.

The Sun is also important for our health and well-being. The Sun helps us produce vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and immune system. The Sun also affects our mood and sleep cycle. Exposure to sunlight can make us feel happier and more energetic. Too much or too little sunlight can cause problems such as depression and insomnia.


The Sun is a huge and amazing star that gives us life and happiness. It is much bigger than the Earth in size and mass. It can fit 1.3 million Earths inside it. It has a lot of gravity that keeps our solar system together. It provides us with energy, heat, light and weather. It also influences our health and well-being.