Highest Score in a Golf Tournament Claimed Kim Jong-il

The shocking truth about the highest score in golf tournament
The highest score ever recorded in a professional golf tournament was 257, achieved by Kim Jong-il of North Korea


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  • Kim Jong-il was the former leader of North Korea who died in 2011.
  • He claimed to have shot a 38-under-par 34 in his first and only round of golf at Pyongyang Golf Course in 1994.
  • He said he made 11 holes-in-one and never scored worse than a birdie.
  • His claim was widely ridiculed and dismissed as propaganda by the outside world.
  • There is no evidence to support his claim and it was likely a result of a scorekeeping mistake by his caddies.

Kim Jong-il’s Claim: Highest Score in Golf Tournament

In 1994, North Korean media reported that Kim Jong-il shot a 38-under par round of 34. It was his first time playing golf. This remarkable score is not only improbable but almost impossible in the professional golfing world. The tale has become a part of folklore.

The Realities of Golf Scoring

Golf’s scoring system is unique and intricate. Unlike other sports, a lower score is better in golf. Professional players often strive for scores under par, with a “par” being the standard number of strokes expected for a hole. Achieving a score like Kim’s would be unprecedented.

The Myth and North Korea’s Unique Approach

North Korea has a history of crafting mythical stories around its leaders. Kim Jong-il’s alleged golf feat adds to his larger-than-life image. The story resonates with North Koreans and is an example of the country’s approach to propaganda.

Verified Highest Score in Golf Tournament

In contrast to the unverified claim, actual highest scores in golf tournaments are well-documented. The highest verified score in a professional tournament is 257, a record held by other players, not Kim Jong-il. These scores have been achieved through skill, practice, and adherence to the rules.

Fact or Fiction: Separating the Myth from Reality

It’s clear that Kim Jong-il’s claim is more myth than reality. This legendary tale is emblematic of the mystique that surrounds North Korea’s leadership. The true highest scores in golf tournaments are remarkable achievements, deserving recognition without embellishment.