Elephants Can Recognize Themselves in a Mirror

Did you know Elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror
Elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror. They’re very smart and self-aware.


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  • Elephants are among the few animals that can pass the mirror test, a measure of self-awareness.
  • They can use mirrors to inspect their own bodies and touch marks that they cannot see otherwise.
  • They do not mistake their reflections for other elephants or try to interact with them socially.
  • Their self-awareness may be linked to their intelligence, empathy and altruism.

What is the mirror test?

The mirror test is a classic way of testing an animal’s self-awareness. It involves placing a mark on the animal’s body that it cannot see without a mirror, and then observing if it can touch the mark by using the mirror as a tool.

Only a few animals have passed this test, including humans, apes, dolphins and magpies. These animals show that they understand that the mirror image is themselves, not another individual.

How did elephants pass the mirror test?

In 2006, researchers conducted an experiment with three Asian elephants at the Bronx Zoo. They built a huge, “elephant-proof” mirror and placed it in their yard. They also marked one side of their heads with a visible mark and the other side with an invisible mark.

The elephants showed interest in the mirror and tried to look behind or under it. They did not try to greet or challenge their reflections, as some animals do. They also made unusual movements with their trunks and ears in front of the mirror, as if they were checking out their appearance.

When the researchers revealed the marks, one of the elephants, named Happy, touched the visible mark on her head with her trunk while looking at the mirror. She did not touch the invisible mark or any other part of her body. This showed that she recognized herself in the mirror and used it to find the mark.

The other two elephants, Maxine and Patty, did not touch the marks, but they also did not show any signs of confusion or distress. The researchers suggested that they may have been less motivated or more distracted than Happy.

Why is this important?

The ability to recognize oneself in a mirror is a sign of self-awareness, which is a complex cognitive skill that may be related to other mental abilities such as empathy and altruism. Elephants are known to have large, complex brains and social lives. They can cooperate, communicate and help each other. They may also mourn their dead and show compassion to others.

By passing the mirror test, elephants demonstrate that they have a sense of self that is similar to humans and other intelligent animals. This may help us understand how self-awareness evolved independently in different branches of animals. It may also inspire us to respect and protect these amazing creatures.