Why are some gym machines named after animals?

Why do gym machines have animal names Find out here!
Work-out machines in the gym are often named after animals, such as the butterfly, the eagle, or the donkey. This is because they either resemble the animal in shape, function, or sound. Or because they make you feel like one after using them.


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  • Some gym machines are named after animals because they either resemble the animal in shape, function, or sound.
  • For example, the bear crawl machine tones your arms, shoulders, abs, butt, hips, and hamstrings by mimicking the movement of a bear.
  • Other examples are the spider-man push-ups, the donkey kicks, the cobra pose, and the inchworms.
  • These animal-inspired exercises can make your workout more fun, challenging, and primal.

Gym machines: The animal connection

Have you ever wondered why some gym machines are named after animals? You might have seen or used machines like the butterfly, the eagle, or the donkey. But what do they have to do with animals?

The answer is that these machines are either inspired by or resemble the animal in some way. They might imitate the shape, function, or sound of the animal. Or they might make you feel like one after using them.

For example, the butterfly machine works your chest muscles by bringing your arms together in front of you, like a butterfly flapping its wings. The eagle machine does the opposite, stretching your chest muscles by pulling your arms apart behind you, like an eagle spreading its wings.

The donkey kick machine targets your glutes by making you kick your legs back, like a donkey. It also makes a loud noise when you do it, adding to the animal effect.

The benefits of going primal

These animal-inspired machines and exercises are not just for fun. They also have some benefits for your fitness and health. Here are some of them:

  • They challenge your body in new ways. By moving like an animal, you activate different muscles and joints that you might not use in your regular routine. This can improve your mobility, flexibility, stability, power, and endurance.
  • They engage your core. Most animal movements require you to brace your core and keep your spine neutral. This can strengthen your abs and lower back and prevent injuries.
  • They burn more calories. Animal movements are usually more dynamic and intense than conventional exercises. This can increase your heart rate and metabolism and help you burn more fat.
  • They make you feel primal. There is something satisfying about unleashing your inner beast and moving like an animal. It can boost your confidence, mood, and energy levels.

Gym machines: How to try them out

If you want to try some animal-inspired machines and exercises at the gym, here are some tips:

  • Start with light weights or no weights at all. Animal movements can be challenging and require good form and control. Don’t risk injuring yourself by going too heavy too soon.
  • Warm up properly. Animal movements can be taxing on your muscles and joints. Make sure you warm up with some cardio and dynamic stretches before you start.
  • Mix them up with other exercises. Animal movements can be a great way to spice up your workout routine. But don’t rely on them exclusively. Balance them with other exercises that work different muscle groups and skills.